Exposed Aggregate preparation & installation


Here we have an exposed aggregate job that I completed in 2013, approxiamately 350 sq meters. My reasoning for this post is to show you different stages of preperation & pour.

Firstly Excavation of site is undertaken, on this particular job I had to remove 150sq meters of old concrete. Next we set all soil heights in preperation of then boxing the job for concrete heights. Next we place steel & tie togethor, cut to shape etc. Job is now ready for pour. Finally we pour job,screed, bullfloat ,edge & trowel by hand & walking trowel. When aggregate has hardened enough to walk on we spray with a sugar & water solution to prevent concrete surface from curing. Then we blast off with a high pressure water/cleaner (gerni).  Two days later we cut lines with a grinder, clean area/swith a hydrochloric acid/water solution. Once dry we can seal with concrete sealer if preferred.